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Some years ago, my husband and I bought a unique fixer-upper of a house in a wonderful neighborhood. Beautifully constructed in 1929, it did not fare well in the city’s era of white flight and was divided into apartments. It did not occur to us, when we gutted and renovated the basement apartment, that the little kitchen was destined to be a science lab, the den a library, and the bedroom a classroom … but such uses were in fact what fate held for these places. We decided to educate our oldest child at home in the summer of 2009, cleared out the apartment of most of the unused furniture and storage boxes, and set up school. It helps considerably that this is a daylight basement, and that the library and classroom each open out through French doors into a little backyard playground, so not only do we have cheery light in our basement schoolhouse, we also have fast and easy access to recess.

We are not old hands at homeschooling. We started in Summer 2009. Of our three children, The Bean (4/2001), Buddy (2/2006), and Baby Man (9/2008), we are “officially homeschooling” only The Bean, now a fifth grader. She’s a bright and eager learner who was well prepared for our homeschool experience by her three years at a local Montessori school. We are using The Well-Trained Mind (“TWTM”) as our general guide but deviate whenever and however it suits us. 🙂

We like learning through play, so we have a growing collection of games, toys, and costumes relating to our subjects. We are blessed to have good friends who have blazed the trail of home education for us and whose help and collaboration make the experience easier for us as teachers and more enjoyable for The Bean.

We’re too busy to blog often, but sometimes we create things worth sharing and other times we just want to brag, so our sporadic posts will tend to highlight our successes and gloss over the failures that I know are inevitable but not insurmountable. This is not meant to be a “how to homeschool” blog. We do not have it all figured out, and we are not better than you  — I say this because I’ve noticed that many people reading “how to homeschool” posts that don’t help them at all and just make them feel like failures. Understand that although we have some awesome, blog-worthy days, we also have some days that are frustrating and plenty of days that are wonderful in their own way but not particularly bloggable.

We also eat at home, so we’ll throw in some recipes when it suits us, along with our favorite food-related links.

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