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Moundville Native American Festival

October 15, 2011

Things have been busy! I can’t believe it’s the middle of October. How’d that happen?!

Last week, we went with some friends to the Native American Festival at Moundville Archeological Park. We stayed until the kids were DONE and didn’t get to half of the activities. Nevertheless, we did some great things.

I don’t know the name of this artist, but I love him. He was carving a soapstone sculpture of the Cherokee corn goddess, Selu. He was carving it for permanent display at the park. ¬†The fun thing about this project is that he invited all the kids to help, so that when they visited the park in the future, they would know they helped make it, and that’s something they can tell their children and their grandchildren.

Artist with work in progress: Selu, the Cherokee corn goddess.

The Bean working on Selu.

Buddy helping carve Selu.

Even Little Man got to help carve the statue.

We ate “Indian tacos,” which are basically taco salads on fry bread, and other Native American fast food, bought trinkets, and learned lots of other little tidbits about Native American history, handicrafts, and culture. Little Man tried his hand at grinding corn:

Little Man grinding corn.

And The Bean learned how to make corn husk dolls. She just happened to have dried some corn husks from this summer’s corn, so she soaked them and made this cool doll:

The Bean's corn husk doll.

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