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Japan Study: Part Two

September 6, 2011

I think the kids really enjoyed our Japan study. Personally, my favorite topic was lunch. 🙂 We made bento lunches almost every day, and one day we had a neighbor give us a sushi-making lesson. The kids found the one place in the front yard with shade–it happened to be on the sidewalk–and picnicked there most days.

Bento bar: edamame, cantaloupe, seaweed snacks, sesame peanuts, and other treats.

Bento box picnic on the sidewalk.

Rolling sushi.

Cutting a sushi roll.

Yummy bento! Homemade sushi, cherry tomatoes, heart-shaped eggs, edamame, star-shaped honeydew.

But enough about lunch. The kids watched Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire for a quick immersion in medieval Japanese history, and constructed a paper model of the Nagoya Castle as well as another castle.

The Nagoya castle. This was quite a project! The kids all worked hard cutting, scoring, folding, and gluing this amazing bit of papercraft.

Hard at work papercrafting.

Himeji-jo palace. This was a 3-D Puzzle I bought from Amazon. Honestly, I think the one we printed from the Canon site was a better project.

We read books and maps to learn all kinds of facts about Japan, and one of the girls made this paper model of Mt. Fuji.

More paper modeling: Mt. Fuji. This is a cool science model showing the inside of this huge volcano.

The kids also got into some Japanese art forms.

The Bean at origami.

Paper cranes! The Bean read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, and her edition had instructions for making origami cranes in it. Much paper was folded.

The Bean

The Bean working on a manga drawing.

The kids had a blast with the culture case from the Birmingham Museum of Art. It was full of costumes, books, activities, and objects.

Some of the objects in the culture case: items for tea ceremony, fans, books, posters, a sand zen garden, and a puppet with 4 interchangeable heads.

The culture case: a big suitcase full of fun.

Buddy in a samurai costume with The Bean and her friend dressed up in kimono from the culture case.

Unpacking the culture case. The Bean is holding up the enormous obi while our friend checks out a bag of fans.

The girls worked hard to tie this enormous obi from the museum's culture case around The Bean.

The culture case included this Hapi. (We got the hats from Amazon when we were studying China last year.)

The  kids did a lot more, all culminating in their Japan Fair, which will have to be a separate post. 🙂

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