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Tissues, cells and DNA. And a big ol’ microscope.

August 30, 2011

Today was another science day with friends. Yay! Today they brought an awesome microscope on loan from a family of medical professionals. We grownups played with the  microscope while the kids did their bookish work, but we let them look at cool stuff too, like onion cells and HUMAN BLOOD. A few pictures:


I just love this cool case that goes with the vintage microscope we are borrowing.

Check it out! Awesome vintage microscope that has trained generations of scientists. We get to use it for our class!

Nope, it's not lunch. It's a tray of specimens. We could see the cell membranes and nuclei in the purple onion.

First things first. Let's review cell anatomy from last week and read about tissues for our new material. Next week it'll be bones.

Then, we just couldn't stand it. We needed blood. After a quick drugstore run for lancets, we had some. We are pretty sure we could see one white blood cell among a bunch of red cells. It was cool, and the kids are unanimous in that.

After playing with the strawberry DNA they extracted last week and discussing that experiment, we moved on to this DNA model. First, the kids built a model of a section of DNA, then they unzipped it and built two identical sections to mimic replication.

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