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Getting Ready for 4th Grade

April 24, 2010

Here’s our still-evolving plan for 4th grade:

1. Michael Clay Thompson language arts, level II (“Town” level). We have really enjoyed level I. (Oh, so much more than First Language Lessons For the Well-Trained Mind.)

2. Math-U-See Delta. We zoomed through Gamma and are clipping along through Delta, so we’ll probably move up during 4th grade if not before.

3. Story of the World Volume II, plus activity book, plus loads of other history resources as we study the Medieval World.

4. Spelling lists from Super Teacher Worksheets. We’ve looked at other spelling curricula, but the Bean is a good speller and the Spelling Workout workbook was full of silly busy work that was not useful. We like the lists from Super Teacher Worksheets, they are free, and we don’t spend much time on spelling, but it is covered.

5. Handwriting Without Tears. We fixed the Bean’s manuscript this year with a DVD, but she has yet to really embrace cursive. Sigh.

6. Minimus Latin. We’re going to give this a try; I think she will enjoy the comic book approach. Since she does not take well to traditional curricula, I’m starting here for Latin and crossing my fingers.

We have yet to nail down science for next year. I believe that science (at this level) really falls into the category of “general knowledge” rather than “skill.” I like to use curricula to keep us on track with building skills, especially math, but an inquisitive mind will seek out general knowledge. In other words, I’m not really going to get worked up about finding a curriculum for everything. We don’t have a literature curriculum, but that is no indication that we don’t delve deeply into literature. My kid pushes back when things are pushed on her. It’s very annoying, but I completely identify with it. 😉

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